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Monday, June 18, 2012

Alexander Cornswalled Is Dead

Can I get a hallelujah?

The nut job is dead. His god decided he'd had enough of Alexander's nut case ramblings. He sent someone in their car to hit Alexander on February 21, 2012. Rather than a merciful death, god decided to keep Alexander in a coma for a few months before finally cutting the cord on May 22, 2012. Our god is merciful and righteous, isn't he?

Alexander's "brother", Peter, is now championing the cause of insanity through religion with his own brand of stereotypical right wing fundamentalist christianity. You can waste some time here at:


I am looking forward to more of the same from Peter. He's gotten off on the right foot, supporting Creflo Dollar and his abuse of his children. Sweet!

Anyway, we all know Alexander was a fraud. He was the pathetic creation of some sad and pathetic little troll who lived in his mom's basement. Now that this "comedian" has decided to keep the Cornswalled character alive with Peter Cornswalled, I dropped him a line on his blog. I suggested this new "Peter" character should be even more over the top than his Alexander creation.

Of course, I am only speculating that Alexander was someone's creation. No one that clueless, naive and pathetic could be anything but a created figure. If Alexander was a real person, then he was certainly nothing more than a sad little dishonourable man, filled with anger, likely a closeted homosexual with daddy issues. A man who wasted his life in pursuit of his own brand of religion. An existence wasted in turmoil, only to have it cut short by a hit and run driver. The world will not miss him as the world didn't even know he was there.

Given Alexander's want for internet drive by's, one can only marvel at the irony in him being struck down by a hit and run driver.

Folks - there is no christian god.

However, if there was a god, given the circumstances of Alexander's death, one can only assume the true god is Ishvara, the Hindu god who metes out karma.

Though I knew of Alexander's death awhile ago, I did not properly celebrate. Tonight I will light a candle as I listen to the most famous Sextastic Tuesday story of all time, courtesy of the Distorted View show; The Cheerios Monster.

Shout out to Timmy Boo Henson!

Cornswalled Is A Moron

Monday, December 15, 2008

This Blog Is Over

I am done commenting on Cornswalled's pitiful blogs. There isn't any point anymore.

As I stated in an earlier post, it isn't as though Alexander would ever affect any real change in the world. He thinks he will, but people, I am convinced, are smarter than this backwoods idiot.

No one EVER agrees with him.

Anytime someone does, it's usually Alexander himself posting as someone else.

He misquotes everything and takes things out of context, something he accuses many others of doing themselves.

The straw that broke the camel's back are recent articles where he uses biased news outlets to support his claims. The recent post on Canadian pharmaceutical companies using aborted babies in vaccines should be an eye opener to all.

1. Abortion is legal in Canada - the sale of the remains is not
2. He quoted from www.prolife.com, an anti abortion group dubbed as "fringe" at best.
3. He has quoted from all manner of news orgs that are clearly right wing Christian - orgs that, like Alexander, have a very distorted view of reality around them.

He will believe anything so long as it fits his twisted view on how the world should be, regardless of its source.

So, rather than get angry at this insignificant weak ass sorry excuse for a human being, I have decided to end it here.

Just for the record, Alexander, you haven't silenced a critic here.

I just don't care because you really just don't matter.

I have bumped up an older post when I retired the blog a while back. Reader, if you ever have the urge to start what will essentially become a one sided argument with this weasel, I encourage you to read the post below this one before you try. I hope you will save your time and effort in trying to engage Mr. ADHD in an argument - it truly is a waste of energy.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Logic and Reason Don't Work, So The Gloves Are Off

You people have no idea how PISSED OFF I was last night after reading the latest from Alexander. If you haven't checked out the insane post from Mr. Expert, then click here.

In most of my replies to Alexander's pitiful blog posts, I have tried to be calm, reasonable and rational. It doesn't work. Nothing does. I have tried to engage Alexander into debate, but he replies sporadically and shows no interest in debating his point of view - likely because he either isn't confident in it, or he changes his mind about his point of view but won't admit it.

Alexander, I know you are reading this - you are no better than a cyber terrorist. You post inflammatory shite, then hide behind excuses that you are too busy to reply to comments made on your blog. You are a fraud. You are an uncaring son of a whore who only wishes to piss people off. You are no different than a suicide bomber. Actually, you're worse. At least the suicide bomber inflicts pain once - you incite chaos over and over again.

If you are too busy to reply to the comments on your blog, then you should disable the comments altogether, or not post anything at all, you fucking loser. And before you mutter something about my flowery speech, I should point out that calling you a son of a whore or a fucking loser is only a cruder form of your favourite term - moron. So kiss my ass.

So, this blog will take a new direction. EVERYTIME I hear BULLSHIT spouted by any religious right nutjob cocksucker like Alexander, I am going to take it out on you, Cornswalled. No more flowery speech. No more attempt at entering into debate with you. Gloves are off.

If you can spout bullshit online and call it ice cream, then I can make up anything I want about you and your ilk and call it fact.

In the meantime, have a nice deluded day, you mysoginistic fuckwad.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

No point.

After writing my last blog post about Alexander Conrnswalled's latest podcast, I have decided to stop writing this blog. My reasons are many, but the main one is that I am wasting my time on someone who is as insignificant as a gnat. I am sure Alexander will assume he has "won" and silenced a critic... think what you will, "Cornswalled", but that is not the case as I have outlined below.

Let's be honest - it's not as though I am blogging about Jerry Fallwell here. I am writing about the ramblings of a tired old single bugger with a fake name who obviously can't accomplish much more than pissing off kids who are listening to things they likely shouldn't. Big whoop.

If you read Alexander's blogs, there are a very VERY few people that agree with him. The occasional nut job like Robert Troop may agree, but other than that, is there anyone other than Distorted View listeners reading this guy's blog? No. Oh sure, the occasional anonymous comment might pop up on his blog that agrees with his post, but it's easy enough to do that himself and pass it off as a random poster.

Basically, I feel the only thing we're accomplishing here is giving him fuel for his fire. More fuel for his cute little campaign to accomplish... what? Censorship? A direct infringement on the 1st Amendment? If anyone really believes Alexander can get podcasts off the internet, may I direct your attention to the full blown campaign to rename the GWB Bridge? Ha ha ha.

Other reasons for ending this blog are:
He is not an honourable man.
He ignores questions.
How can I debate with someone who picks and chooses which questions to answer?
He sidesteps issues.
He makes up lies and stories to prove his point.
He lives a sheltered life in which people always believe the same things he does. He cannot imagine a world where his beliefs don't reign supreme.
His world revolves around him, his family and his immediate community. He cannot imagine life beyond that.
He is likely a repressed homosexual, though I do not have obvious proof. Usually the ones who are the most outspoken tend to be the biggest ones, am I right?
As a young boy, he was likely burned by the world and decided to shut himself up in the cocoon in which he currently lives, going online every so often to lash out at the world who rejected him.

Honestly, people - what is someone as small and insignificant as Alexander Cornswalled going to accomplish in his life? Very little. So why should we waste our time giving him attention he really doesn't deserve? It's like watching a Jerry Springer show. It's all the same, the names are a little different, but really - there's no substance to it. And there's no substance to Alexander either.

Your opinion means nothing to me, Alexander. It only means something to people when you cram your view down their throat. But really, people need to step back and look where the opinion is coming from - it comes from someone with as much integrity as a politician.

I'm not mad about you, Alexander. It's taken me awhile to come to the conclusion that when you mocked me on your blog, it was coming from someone so brainwashed as to be pitied. And I truly do pity you, "Cornswalled".

I will keep this blog up for as long as I can. If someone should happen to want comments to your blog posts, they will have this. And the first thing they will read is that you are to be taken as seriously as a boil on their bottom. Irritating, but not life threatening.