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Friday, August 31, 2007



I thought I would post a few comments about Alexander's latest delusions. His comments are bolded.

Tim Henson has announced he will No Longer Run his infamous "Sextastic Tuesday" sketch.

Correct. He doesn't find the quality of the stories to be up to his standards. I must admit, they have been pretty hit or miss lately (with the exception of the Bert and Ernie one - that was excellent!) I usually skip over the stories anyway. As Tim would say, "It's too much!

Many readers will remember my onging feud with Tim Henson, the host of the Podcast "Distorted View."

Alexander, who are these other readers? With the exception of some old guy who posted a comment on your site today (Robert Troop) the only other readers are fellow DV listeners. You do realize that without them you'd only have a couple of hits daily at most.

The first episode of Distorted View I ever heard featured a graphic story about the supernatural rape of a 12 year old girl. This story was read as part of what Henson described as the "Sextastic Tuesday" sketch, where he would read admittedly disgusting and disturbing pornographic stories every Tuesday.

Yes - your good friend gave you a copy of the show. This brings me to one of the six questions I have been waiting for you to answer: How does your friend feel about this? You know, the one you remain friends with despite the fact that he brought DV to your attention? Isn't he a Christian? If not, I would find it hard to believe someone as pristine and holier than thou would associate with the common proles. Answer this directly, Alexander: How do you reconcile having a pervert for a good friend? Do you call him a "moron" or an "idiot" or a "pervert" to his face to get him onto your side?

I've been through several rounds of conflict with the program and it's fans, and in the end have learned that despite the frequent appearance of underage characters in these stories they appeared to be considered legal by State and Federal Authorities.

Right. It's legal. DEAL WITH IT.

While the grassroots movement to ban such filth is still getting started in Indiana, I learned that Henson had begun editing the stories so that all participants were 18 or older. While this further protected him legally, it did not address the fundamentally disgusting nature of the content he made freely available online without so much as a login to verify a listener's age.

Well! Another opportunity to answer another question. Why aren't you railing against PARENTS - the ones who should be monitoring what their kids are doing online? It's the same thing as smoking, drinking and drugs - where are the parents in all of this? And again - I would thank you by keeping your nose out of something I choose to do legally by listening to the show.

I was recently sent a sound clip of Tim Henson announcing the end of the "Sextastic Tuesday" sketch, and while he blamed the end of the "bit" on a "Lack of quality stories" it was a thin and laughable rationale. Having heard a number of episodes of "Distorted View" I can attest that there was never a question of story quality. The only way Henson could have run out of content he deemed appropriate for the segment would be if he;d read all of the disgusting, disturbing and vile sexual fantasies that have been posted to the Internet. Since I doubt he could have narrated ALL the vile material online, I can only conclude that he had other reasons for discontinuing the "bit."

Right - there's a lot of crap online - your little grassroots movement is going to eradicate it all? Chum, your delusions of grandeur are only overshadowed by your lack of understanding concepts (and your own laws) Tim is well within his rights under your first amendment to talk about whatever he wants. DEAL WITH IT.

The pressure is working. The efforts of Christians to get Obscene content off the Internet is making progress. There IS hope, and there IS a way to win this battle.

I am glad you have hope - I do too. But you again are deluded in thinking Tim Henson lives his life and conducts his entreprise based on anything you have written about. This statement also shows you to be a typical American - the world revolves around you and your values, doesn't it? Tell me, Alexander - how will your Christian groups get content produced in the UK off the net? Or Canada? Or Japan? What makes you think anything you can do will stop anything that's global? Oh, I know - you're a loud mouthed conservative American Christian, by God, and you'll get your way, won't you? Ha. Your delusions of grandeur continue to entertain us all. Your country has what, 250 million people? And there are over 6 BILLION people globally? Surely even you can do the math, Alexander.

Keep the Faith, and remember that this world does NOT have to slide into decay and depravity. We can turn back the tide and beat back the demonic influences that are trying to corrupt our youth.

You're right. It doesn't need to slide into decay and deparvity. Why not attack the things that are physical then? Too big of a challenge I suppose; you'd rather pick on a guy who produces satire and comedy than someone who actually produces a podcast glorifying true pedophilia.


On the 8-30-20-07 episode of Distorted view, twenty minutes and 20 seconds into the episode Tim Henson admitted that the quality of the stories is NOT the reason he's discontinued the "Sextastic Tuesday" segment. He continued to claim that pressure from Christian Conservatives was NOT the cause of his pulling the bit, but failed to offer an alternative reason.

Your ignorance on DV is showing again, Alexander. Tim has "cancelled" Sextastic Tuesday more times than you change your underwear. And you obviously change yours a lot because you soil yourself every time there's a glimmer of DV going away. But that's besides the point.

His "cancelling" of the "bit" happens once every few months, but he always goes back to it.

Seriously, it was nice the last two weeks you weren't around. At least you couldn't become more of a fool than you have presented yourself to be today. Maybe next time you should fight the urge to hit the power button on your computer if this is the kind of garbage you're going to write.

Finally, still waiting on some answers, there, chum.



Brown Wolf said...

PLEASE! PLEASE! Go back through his blog and do rebuttals for his prior posts. I love reading how you debunk EVERYTHING he posts and your witty comments on all his views.

Cornswalled Is A Moron said...

Hey man! Thanks for the comments. I would love to go over everything this troll has written, and I have seriously considered it. But I couldn't imagine taking the time to wallow in his arrogance or stupidity.

I get pissed off enough after reading one post - I couldn't imagine my state of mind after reading a few. I thought I would start with posts made after he attacked me on his blog.

I may go back and write some stuff based on some of his earlier posts. But I would have to be either REALLY drunk or in a REALLY GOOD MOOD to try. Maybe one day.

I'm happy you and a few others enjoy my blogs. I really don't expect to have many visitors, but I find writing my thoughts down is a good way to vent my frustrations with religious whack jobs like Alexander, who really believe they are right and can't consider an alternate point of view.


Brown Wolf said...

I just got my hands on a copy of a comparison of Christianity to Wicca and Therianism in regards to what is more cultish if you want a copy. Oddly enough Christianity got a whopping 120+ points while the other two got 29 and 30 respectively.

As for his early crap. I would LOVE to see you go back and fuck up his very first post about Pok'e'mon trading cards.

Brown Wolf said...

IGNORE LAST POST! I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE NUMBERS! Out of 160 Christianity got 97, Wicca 28 and Therian 8

Aaron said...

Don't know if you've noticed it yet, but his latest entry about a museum billboard being tagged. He's calling FSM a gang tag (It's the flying spaghetti monster), it's an atheist anti-god of sorts. Google it, it makes as much sense as any other religion out there. Also, the picture itself is a photo-shopped pict. Way to go Corny!!!