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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baptist? Cornswalled?

Wow. That one came out of left field. Who'd've thought Alexander was a BAPTIST? From the midwest too? Wow.

I can't believe someone thought you were Catholic; your whole attitude screams of a righteous, God Fearing, man of God, gosh-darn-almighty BAPTIST!

(THE most closed minded of all the protestant Christian sects)

Oh, did I paint you with a generalized statement, Alexander? I wonder where in the WORLD I picked that up?



Brown Wolf said...

You forgot to mention he's a BORN AGAIN Christian. Says something about his character right there.

Alexander Cornswalled said...

The fact that I'm "Born Again" means I'm going to Heaven.

As for being Baptist, that's the result of having been raised right. I'm sorry you have such a negative reaction to Baptists. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the "Rapture Ready" morons calling themselves Baptist. Those idiots who support Israel for the sole purpose of TRYING to bring about the End of the World are Biblically ignorant and blaspheming against God with their actions. Getting the "Left Behind" crowd to be seen as a "typical" Christian is no doubt a major victory for Satan.

Cornswalled Is A Moron said...

Alexander, can you please explain how you are showing Christian Love by calling people idiots and morons? How does this kind of language help to persuade people to your point of view?

The minute you call someone names, it does 2 things:

1. You have insulted them and now they are put on the defensive, and will call you a name back - no decent dialogue can ensue.

2. You cheapen any decent argument you may have and no one will want to debate with you because they know you will react like a 5 year old and call them a name if they ask you to prove your point.

Finally, you have just proven my point about baptists being narrow minded.