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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not Living in Reality...

Today's post from Alexander has to do with what he thought was vandalism of a billboard for The Creation Museum.

Read his blog here

Alexander had posted an image of the billboard for The Creation Museum, saying it had been vandalised.

The image is a Photoshopped picture. Anyone with a clue could have pointed that out to him. But of course, his church was up in arms, trying to decipher what it meant... blah blah blah.

Alexander then updated his blog post later in the day, to explain that the photo was actually a fake, but the museum has experienced vandalism in the past because of what it stands for.

I am not going to get into the whole evolution / creation debate. In fact, I don't really care to comment much on Alexander's post, EXCEPT to say that this is a prime example of why people (except loudmouths like "Robert Troop") will never take you seriously, Cornswalled.

You rush to conclusions, judgements, make ass-umptions, etc. without even checking to see if your "facts" are correct. Had you merely asked the curator of the museum about the authenticity of the photo BEFORE you wrote your blog, you could have instead written a piece about real vandalism at the museum. You could have written a great blog about religious tolerance; how people should have respect for the museum so it doesn't get vandalised.

Oh, wait.

It's hard to gain respect when you show very little of it yourself. I find it funny that you seemed a little outraged over vandalism and grafitti, but think nothing of publishing posts that call people pedophiles, liberal Christians, Catholics = cultists, etc.

I've said this time and again - you refuse to do any homework and fact checking before you turn your computer on. And your hypocrisy is starting to reach new heights.

Keep it coming, Alexander.

Alexander's credibility = 0 (still)



Brown Wolf said...

I think you should change that from 0. He's gone into negative double digits. Something like 47.

cally said...

I can't help but wonder what his opinion would have been if the sign that had supposedly been vandalised was one which was in his mind anti-christian.

Alexander Cornswalled said...


Vandalism is a crime, even if the person who engages in it thinks they're somehow serving God by vandalizing someone they see as being against God's Will.

The people who bomb Abortion Clinics and who murder Abortion Doctors are NOT doing God's will. They are becoming murderers, something that God does NOT want us to do.

Cornswalled Is A Moron said...

Oh Boy!

We finally agree on something.

Now, please reply to my question on the front page, under the heading questions That Demand Answers.


Barry said...

I have a difficult time believing that Cornswalled is for real. For a person as ignorant and delusional as his blog posts indicate to use a computer would be quite a feat.

Still, it's good to see thoughtful refutation of his stupidity.

Keep it coming!

Matthew said...

Computers have gotten really easy to use. Even Anne Counter can use one!