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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Review of "Cornswalled's" Latest Podcast

I wasted nine minutes and fourteen seconds on Mr. "Cornswalled's" latest podcast. In it, Alexander gave his opinion on 2 podcasts: Keith and the Girl and the Paper Bag Show. I've listened to KandtheG a couple of times, and actually found it quite mundane and boring. I am not familiar with the other podcast he reviewed, and frankly, I don't really care what Alexander's opinion on it is. If Alexander doesn't like it, then he'll be sure to tell you it should be removed and destroyed as soon as is convenient.

A technical note about Alexander's recent podcast; "Cornswalled", your "pot'able recohdin' devass" is a piece of crap. It sounds like you're driving through a windtunnel. I also notice you have more of a "Sothen Drawwwl" than your last podcasts. Why is that? Is your "Suthen Gentleman" personality on deck today?

Thanks for making reference to my blog, by commenting on my "research" into your name. Poorly researched? Sure it was. I even said so. But it's no more poorly researched than your blogs. At least I say I assume you have a joke name - you read misinformation and call it fact, or call someone a pedophile without proof, or call me a Liberal Christian without knowing me.

All "Cornswalleds" have unlisted phone numbers?

Alexander, that's pretty weak, even for you. Do you honestly expect me to believe that your "clan" are the only "Cornswalled's" around? And you all live in the same community? And you all have unlisted phone numbers? I don't believe you. You're a liar. And spare me the BS about "you''re not going to find us on your cute databases... not everything is on the internet" If your family name has been around for generations as you claim, then surely someone SOMEWHERE would have written about a "Cornswalled" in a family tree, or a history paper, or something. Although, given how absolutely pointless and ridiculous you are, I would expect your forefathers were likely as useless and pointless as you. My wife wondered what your family was trying to hide by being so secretive...

You comment, "This [my podcast] is something that's been a bit of a bone of contention amongst some of my family members, as they have pointed out that my behaviour engages me with Liberals well beyond those who directly influence our lives."

How weak is your family's faith? Someone posted a great comment on your blog, Alexander, which expresses my opinion exactly. I will quote it here:

vir modestus wrote:
I find it fascinating, and have for a very long time, just how fragile this thing you call "faith" is. You have no faith in the strength of your god or the faith of your parishioners. Instead of finding any or all of these podcasts (seriously: you have a problem with PHC?) as a "teaching moment" your first reaction is to run scared. Your god is so weak "he" can't handle facing any opinion but the one you rigidly control and dish out. If you have a problem with any of these podcasts found on a "child's" computer, why isn't it an opportunity to explore faith? No. Just delete it. Run scared.

I can't comment anymore than to say, "Huzzah for Vir!"

A little more into your podcast, you state, "I used to use the title of Reverend even though... had not been ordained... started my own church..."

Yikes! You started a Baptist offshoot cult, didn't you? You started your own church and appointed YOURSELF Reverend. This actually explains so much. You use a pseudonym, start your own church, call yourself Reverend, and make up your own reality. You're actually no better than the Westboro Baptist Church!

You then comment on the church you currently attend:

"...seen [my church] grow and mature thanks to my actions..."

That's a pretty boastful statement, Alexander. What about God? Shouldn't God have the credit for seeing your church grow and mature? You failed to mention God's Hand... interesting. What does that say about your character, I wonder...?

"For by Grace are ye saved through faith, though not of yourselves. It is a gift from God. Not of works lest any man should boast."

You really have no clue, chum.

Let's recap, shall we?

1. "Yo' pahcast sounds lahk crayp"
2. You have a joke name. You cannot offer any other proof other than your say so. And given the lies you have told, the evasiveness to my questions, I have been given no reason to believe anything you say. You are a liar. And over something so silly, as usual.
3. Your family is a close knit group of clones and are typical Conservative Christians - don't explore another point of view. If it goes against ours, hide and maybe it will go away. Our God isn't strong enough for us, so we will ignore the world around us.
4. You admit to calling yourself a Reverend in the past, even though you were not ordained. You started your own church, You make claims about yourself and your own actions without mentioning God. Didn't Jim Jones get started that way?

You know what, and I am being totally serious right now. After listening to your podcast and reading your blog, I am genuinely concerned that you are an unbalanced individual. You sound more and more like someone in a cult who toes the party line. You really do sound brainwashed - totally devoid of life or laughter, monotone southern drawl... Again, I am being serious, you are actually starting to frighten me a little, almost as though if you knew where I lived, you'd knock at my door with a gun in hand.

But you know, for all that you are a whacko and a potential risk to yourself and others, I will show you the same compassion you have shown others; You're an idiot and a moron.


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