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Friday, August 31, 2007



I thought I would post a few comments about Alexander's latest delusions. His comments are bolded.

Tim Henson has announced he will No Longer Run his infamous "Sextastic Tuesday" sketch.

Correct. He doesn't find the quality of the stories to be up to his standards. I must admit, they have been pretty hit or miss lately (with the exception of the Bert and Ernie one - that was excellent!) I usually skip over the stories anyway. As Tim would say, "It's too much!

Many readers will remember my onging feud with Tim Henson, the host of the Podcast "Distorted View."

Alexander, who are these other readers? With the exception of some old guy who posted a comment on your site today (Robert Troop) the only other readers are fellow DV listeners. You do realize that without them you'd only have a couple of hits daily at most.

The first episode of Distorted View I ever heard featured a graphic story about the supernatural rape of a 12 year old girl. This story was read as part of what Henson described as the "Sextastic Tuesday" sketch, where he would read admittedly disgusting and disturbing pornographic stories every Tuesday.

Yes - your good friend gave you a copy of the show. This brings me to one of the six questions I have been waiting for you to answer: How does your friend feel about this? You know, the one you remain friends with despite the fact that he brought DV to your attention? Isn't he a Christian? If not, I would find it hard to believe someone as pristine and holier than thou would associate with the common proles. Answer this directly, Alexander: How do you reconcile having a pervert for a good friend? Do you call him a "moron" or an "idiot" or a "pervert" to his face to get him onto your side?

I've been through several rounds of conflict with the program and it's fans, and in the end have learned that despite the frequent appearance of underage characters in these stories they appeared to be considered legal by State and Federal Authorities.

Right. It's legal. DEAL WITH IT.

While the grassroots movement to ban such filth is still getting started in Indiana, I learned that Henson had begun editing the stories so that all participants were 18 or older. While this further protected him legally, it did not address the fundamentally disgusting nature of the content he made freely available online without so much as a login to verify a listener's age.

Well! Another opportunity to answer another question. Why aren't you railing against PARENTS - the ones who should be monitoring what their kids are doing online? It's the same thing as smoking, drinking and drugs - where are the parents in all of this? And again - I would thank you by keeping your nose out of something I choose to do legally by listening to the show.

I was recently sent a sound clip of Tim Henson announcing the end of the "Sextastic Tuesday" sketch, and while he blamed the end of the "bit" on a "Lack of quality stories" it was a thin and laughable rationale. Having heard a number of episodes of "Distorted View" I can attest that there was never a question of story quality. The only way Henson could have run out of content he deemed appropriate for the segment would be if he;d read all of the disgusting, disturbing and vile sexual fantasies that have been posted to the Internet. Since I doubt he could have narrated ALL the vile material online, I can only conclude that he had other reasons for discontinuing the "bit."

Right - there's a lot of crap online - your little grassroots movement is going to eradicate it all? Chum, your delusions of grandeur are only overshadowed by your lack of understanding concepts (and your own laws) Tim is well within his rights under your first amendment to talk about whatever he wants. DEAL WITH IT.

The pressure is working. The efforts of Christians to get Obscene content off the Internet is making progress. There IS hope, and there IS a way to win this battle.

I am glad you have hope - I do too. But you again are deluded in thinking Tim Henson lives his life and conducts his entreprise based on anything you have written about. This statement also shows you to be a typical American - the world revolves around you and your values, doesn't it? Tell me, Alexander - how will your Christian groups get content produced in the UK off the net? Or Canada? Or Japan? What makes you think anything you can do will stop anything that's global? Oh, I know - you're a loud mouthed conservative American Christian, by God, and you'll get your way, won't you? Ha. Your delusions of grandeur continue to entertain us all. Your country has what, 250 million people? And there are over 6 BILLION people globally? Surely even you can do the math, Alexander.

Keep the Faith, and remember that this world does NOT have to slide into decay and depravity. We can turn back the tide and beat back the demonic influences that are trying to corrupt our youth.

You're right. It doesn't need to slide into decay and deparvity. Why not attack the things that are physical then? Too big of a challenge I suppose; you'd rather pick on a guy who produces satire and comedy than someone who actually produces a podcast glorifying true pedophilia.


On the 8-30-20-07 episode of Distorted view, twenty minutes and 20 seconds into the episode Tim Henson admitted that the quality of the stories is NOT the reason he's discontinued the "Sextastic Tuesday" segment. He continued to claim that pressure from Christian Conservatives was NOT the cause of his pulling the bit, but failed to offer an alternative reason.

Your ignorance on DV is showing again, Alexander. Tim has "cancelled" Sextastic Tuesday more times than you change your underwear. And you obviously change yours a lot because you soil yourself every time there's a glimmer of DV going away. But that's besides the point.

His "cancelling" of the "bit" happens once every few months, but he always goes back to it.

Seriously, it was nice the last two weeks you weren't around. At least you couldn't become more of a fool than you have presented yourself to be today. Maybe next time you should fight the urge to hit the power button on your computer if this is the kind of garbage you're going to write.

Finally, still waiting on some answers, there, chum.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So-o-o-o Busy. Poor Guy.

Mr. Cornswalled must be up to his ears in church and work to even update his own blog! Ah well, no matter. I will wait patiently for Mr. High and Mighty to get his work and church responsibilities together. I can see how he's busy at this time of the year - he's likely getting his protest groups together as Hallowe'en is just around the corner. Between Hallowe'en and Harry Potter, it's a wonder the Church of Satan hasn't had to rent stadiums to accomodate the MILLIONS of children being led astray. Oh that's right - they meet in the woods in the dead of night to sacrifice goats and sheep to their infernal goddess, JK Rowling.

In the meantime, I found some of Alexander's Pearls of Wisdom on a few other websites. I saved a bunch of these "rat droppings" in a text file, and I'll post some of these every so often on the right. But there are a few that deserve their own blog post, like the one below.

The subtitle to today's blog is, "Hello Mr. Pot. This is Kettle. You're black!"

Someone posted the following question on Yahoo Answers:

Did Jesus have Battered Wife Syndrome?
"I'm sorry, it's all my fault. You had to punish me, I deserved it."

Here is Alexander's reply:

That's an ignorant, mocking and stupid question. I'd try to give a serious answer but you're obviously just a troll looking to upset people.

To the kind folks reading my blog, I'd like you to know that the bruise on my forehead still shows from the time I smacked my forehead in disbelief. For a perfect example of trolls looking to upset people, I strongly encourage you to read EVERY POST at www.cornswalled.com

There really isn't much to say. Alexander's hypocrisy speaks volumes yet again.

Have a great week,


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Think I Hit A Nerve


Wow. For a little while there, I didn't think Alexander was going to visit my blog again. But he did visit - in spades! And he left comments on what appears to be each post.

It seems Alexander is upset that I was criticizing him over taking too long to reply to my posts. I don't remember mentioning anything of the like, merely that I noticed he would post huge long blogs on his site but not respond to comments I made on mine. Even with the comments he left on his latest visit, he didn't reply to any of my questions. Maybe he is going to take the time to address each individual one. Who knows? For the sake of making his "busy" life a little easier, I will be making a new section on the right called Questions That Demand Answers.

Let's be clear on this though, Alexander (before I address your comments) - YOU started this. YOU made public a private email I sent to you the minute you made a post about it. YOU took the time to "tear" my arguments apart, accused me of things, then ignored my follow up emails. Had you responded in kind (i.e. privately) then I would not have resorted to this blog. So don't you dare sit there and make excuses for not replying to my own blog posts because you are busy. Man up and do the right thing.

Here are the comments Alexander made to each post with my own comments.

Under my entry My Sights Are Set On You, Alexander, here is what he posted:

I'm sorry you were upset at the slow rate at which I replied to your e-mail, but unless it's work or Church related, it really takes a low priority in my day to day activities.

Alexander posted this twice. I thought I was getting spammed for a minute there. Then I realized who was sending the comment, so I let it go. Church related? How is this not church related? Spreading the Word of God to ANYONE should be a priority. Just because I don't attend your church doesn't mean I don't deserve the same consideration as people you see face to face at church.

Under my entry, The War So Far, here is what he posted:

The world does not revolve around you. I was not ignoring you. I either wasn't checking my e-mail or didn't have the TIME to respond. Unlike many on the Internet, I sometimes don't check e-mail for weeks at a time. For example, I don't think I was even ON the Internet for all of 20002. I simply had other priorities.

I'm sorry you took my busy life personally.

I am aware the world does not revolve around me. Weren't checking your email? Baloney. For those who do not have a blog on blogspot, every time someone leaves a comment an email is sent to the person who is writing the blog. You were checking your emails, Alexander, as you have to read the emails sent saying a comment has been posted, Especially considering YOU have to approve the comments that go up. And every few days (a week at the most!) you update comments on your blog, or put a new posting up. So don't LIE about not checking emails. Don't have the time? How about a courtesy email, letting people know you will get back to them when you have a chance? And thank God you weren't online during 20002. Any chance of a repeat performance?

I did not take YOUR busy life personally. What I did take personally was when you called me a liberal Christian, someone who accepts sin because it's too much effort to fight back. I also didn't appreciate you POSTING THIS ON YOUR BLOG IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! So pardon me if I take a personal attack personally. Again, to coin one of your phrases, you're a moron.

Under my entry, And He ra-a-an, he ran so far away..., here is what he posted:

Take a look at my Blog, and you'll find there are a LOT of very critical comments. I don't "censor" comments based on if they agree with me, but on if they're nonsense or not. The morons who post 40 lines of "La Bamba" get their posts deleted, you tend to get yours approved.

Again, you're taking my lack of online activity personally. Just because your post doesn't show up in 15 minutes doesn't mean I've censored it. It may not show up for a few WEEKS because that's how long I happened to take to get around to clearing out the backlog of comments awaiting moderation!

I have to disagree on your first point, Alexander, You do censor posts. I posted some pretty thoughtful comments under the name, "The Gay Black Jewish Nazi for Christ" (of all of those things, I am none, by the way) and not a single one was posted. Yes, there are some jerks floating around who were taking advantage of the non moderated posting by posting crap on your comments. And I thank you for approving mine.

I am not taking your lack of online activity personally, as I mentioned earlier. And I never said I was upset my posts weren't showing up within any sort of time frame, nor that you would censor them (especially after I stopped calling myself the GBJN f C). If it takes you that long to go through all of your emails to weed out that garbage, then so be it. Why are you throwing up a smoke screen, acting as though I have been ranting at you for not moving quicker? I have pointed out on many occasions you were quick to post my personal email but were slow to reply to my follow up email.

Under my entry Alexander Paid Me A Visit, here is what he posted:

That was a nice deflection. I mention the book "Like Lambs to the Slaughter" and you bring up books by completely different authors and attack THEM.

Your mention of my lack of photographs and the fact that the book is out of print are both valid criticisms, and if you find my use of the Smurfs as an example to be unwarranted, then please read the original post as if the Smurfs are not mentioned.

I brought up other examples of this type of book, Alexander, to show how ALL of these kinds of books are typical in pulling the wool over the eyes of the sheep in the church. They are written to induce panic in the congregation. And your typical Christian will believe anything as long as it is in print without investigating things on their own. I brought up 2 examples, much like Lambs To The Slaughter, and focused on them more because they had more of an impact on the church than your book did. And I wanted to point out how easy it is to get a Christian to believe almost anything as long as it was written by another minister, brother or member of a church.

I thank you for acknowledging the lack of photos or the fact the book is no longer in print. Therefore you have no proof, and therefore, you should let the other visitors to your blog know that you made a mistake and would like to make amends for it.

And I did read the rest of your post without it. You talk about fan fiction being sexual, which some may be, but most isn't. You also complained that Yahoo deleted one of your answers to a question about Harry Potter fan fiction. You obviously did not read my post - I dealt with the books and then went on to other things.

And I saved the best for last, people. This is how Alexander gets away with defending a book written by Richard Cohen, former homosexual, now a hippy dippy New Age freak.

Under my entry, As Long As It Supports His Beliefs, here is what he posted:

The fact that the man has made mistakes, or has practices of which I do not approve, is beside the point. His book makes several good points and addresses Homosexuality in a way that children can understand. I did not advocate for the man himself, but for his book, which is, on it's own, worthwhile.

Even if it's the ONLY worthwhile thing he's ever done at least the book about Alfie's home life has the potential to redirect some children to the path of righteousness and towards seeking treatment for their mental defects.

Is beside the point? IT IS THE POINT! Alexander, your first statement shows you know nothing of your own religion. Matthew 7 verses 15 to 20 says (I am going to quote the KJV)

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither [can] a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Explain again, Alexander, how Richard's book, (fruit), is all right considering the man (tree) from which it came? If Tim Henson had written this book, would you still support it? You have proven my point, and do not need to reply (I know you're busy anyway): as long as you find something that fits your twisted, unscientific, unproven and grossly exaggerated point of view, you will support it no matter where it came from or who wrote it.

This, my friend, makes you a hypocrite.

Here's the deal, Alexander. If you are going to take the time to post your ridiculous blog entries and make assumptions and accusations about people, then take the responsibility to reply to alternate points of view on the issues YOU raised. You've taken the time to create a blog. Take the time to "educate" people by replying to their sincere queries on why you've said the things you did. You are acting like an internet terrorist, if you will: you post an outrageous blog, then hide from the consequences. Take responsibility for your actions. And don't hide behind excuses, like you're too busy. Your God tells you to go forth and make disciples of all men.

Inasmuch as I want to see you off the net, let me give you some friendly advice of managing your time online, because you obviously aren't going to stop posting crap. You stated on the Distorted View message board that you're only online for a few hours a week. Why not only make 1 blog entry on your page. Wait a week. The following week, reply to all the comments that were made to your blog. The week after, start a new blog. The week after that, post replies to comments. And so on. The way you're going about it is all wrong - you post 3 or 4 different topics, then can't deal with the feedback and so you make up excuses and lies. Managing your time will make you more effective.

Try using your whole ass instead of the half assed job you've done so far.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

As Long As It Supports His Beliefs...

... Alexander will use it in a blog.

Today's blog by Cornswalled features a story called Alfie's Home. Alfie was sexually abused as a child and starts to question his own sexuality as he grows up. This book is designed to help change a person's sexual orientation. Alexander recommends you give it to prospective parents at baby showers (what a great gift!)

I'm not all that well versed in the homosexual lifestyle. Some believe homosexual behaviour is learned. Others say it's genetic or an imbalance. Given how some children are born with hearts outside their bodies, or 2 heads and 8 fingers, I would be ignorant, (Cornswalled, if you will) not to believe that some people are born with a chemical imbalance (too much testosterone, etc.) that would make them gender confused. But that's irrelevant to this post right now. I am not about to enter into a debate about whether you're born gay or learned to be gay.

What I am posting about today is how Alexander will quote anything by anyone so long as it agrees with his own beliefs. In this instance, Alexander has chosen a book written by Richard A. Cohen. Richard was once gay but now he is straight. Richard believes that all homosexual activity is a learned behaviour, and that through his therapy you can be cured.

Let's look at Richard's credentials, shall we?

* his books are self-published.
* he was a member in good standing for many years in the Unification Church cult.
* he is a graduate of one of the most liberal colleges in the US - Antioch College.
* he was thrown out of the American Counselling Association for violating their code of ethics.
* he claims he is a Certified Sexual Reorientation Coach. Of course, he is the only one in the world, and the only one who can certify others. Courses are pricey, though...
* he uses many new age techniques including bioenergetics, regression therapy, meditation and affirmations.
* even the most "mainstream" organizations that deal with healing homosexual behaviour will have nothing to do with him.

... and there's more.

I am not here to bash Mr. Cohen. Everything I have documented here is taken from interviews, his own website, etc...

Alexander loves telling people on Yahoo Answers to stop being brats, stop whining, grow up, etc... And yet here he is citing a work from an author who deals with feelings and therapy and has no church affiliation.

But let's get this straight (pardon the pun) shall we? The author of the book Alexander wants us to buy and send to our friends was essentially written by a New Age hippy-dippy freak. Someone Alexander would definitely have issues with in real life. But so long as this guy has written a book Alexander agrees with, he'll overlook the New Age crap.

Alexander's Credibility = 0 (still)


Monday, August 6, 2007

Alexander Paid Me A Visit

And left a comment on the last post I made, regarding his comments on the Smurfs.

Here is what he posted:

I'm not really interested in debating about The Smurfs, particularly since I linked to a book that details the Occult references in The Smurfs, including Gargamel's use of a Pentagram to cast spells at the direction of a talking magic book.

"Like Lambs to the Slaughter." has been out of print for a while, largely because it discusses the occult ties found in may cartoons of the the 80's and 90's, most of which are no longer popular. Used copied however are easy to get.

Give the book a read. While my hope is that it will educate you, I suspect it will do more than further enrage you against Christians.

I posted this on the comments section of his blog:

So you read about this in a book? Well, if it's in a book, it MUST be true then, right?

I remain convinced that you will only cite sources that already match your own views. This is what makes you closed minded. And yes, Like Lambs to the Slaughter did piss me off about Christians. The book was appropriately titled for Christians, though, as it further reinforces the notion that most Christians will believe anything so long as another brother or sister has made reference to it. Since when did the Bible actively promote checking your brain at the door and not questioning truth being offered?

God gave us all brains. We should be using them. Especially when it comes to making serious allegations against someone or something based on what you have heard, not what you have investigated on your own.

Thanks for checking out my blog, Alexander. I hope we can continue to further debate.

Like Lambs to the Slaughter is a typical hysteria inducing read about how modern culture and entertainment are loaded with Satanic and anti-Christian messages. While some of what was written about is true, the majority of the book bases itself on innuendo and the author's interpretation of what he has seen. And of course, if the author sees Gargamel casting spells from a pentagram, then everyone else should see it as well. It's along the same lines as Why Knock Rock by Dan and Steve Peters and the Satan Seller by Mike Warnke. Of course, Mike Warnke was shown to be a fraud in his testimony, and Dan and Steve Peters, while right on in proving there was sin in the music industry (everyone knew that anyway - we didn't need the Peters brothers to state the obvious!) they went a little overboard in their determination to censor and burn music.

Mike Warnke is probably the best example in proving how ignorant Christians can be. It took a little investigating by Cornerstone magazine to show he was a charlatan, that he lied about his past, gave dates for events in his past that changed constantly... He managed to pull this off for over 20 years, scored millions of dollars for his Satan hunting type school, was featured on Oprah back in the day, produced more than seven (I think) comedy albums (which, admittedly, are VERY funny!) The fact that Mr. Warnke got away with his lies as long as he did only reinforces that most Christians are like sheep, and Alexander is one of them. Citing a book no longer in print, that gives no photo evidence to justify the charge is hardly going to convince anyone that it is true. At least the Peters brothers showed photos of the Satanic imagery from album sleeves, and quoted magazine referenced interviews on the artists they were featuring.

Anyway, so I posted that little bit on his blog, and then I realized, wait a minute! He only talked about the Smurfs? What about the other questions I asked? What about the Harry Potter accusation he made? What about the questions I asked in my previous posts?

He ignored them, didnt he?

Are you running, Alexander? Come on, have some courage and reply to my specific questions in one big post.

I can even email the questions to you, in case you can't figure out how to scroll down the page to see them. Let me know.


Friday, August 3, 2007

The Meds Need To Kick In Soon...

Ha ha ha ha!

I just read the latest ramblings from our good friend, Alexander. For a few chuckles, read this:


Ok. Wipe the tears away and stop laughing. Done? Ok. Yeah, it was pretty funny. But let's get back to reality for a moment. This is the post I submitted direct to this laughable entry. Let's see if he has the "guts" to post it.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


[The Smurfs} were a 1980's cartoon program that glorified magic, sorcery and congress with Satan, going so far as to vividly and routinely depict "wizards" casting spells in pentagrams. One of the characters, "Smurfette" was not even alive, but was in fact a demon spawn given the semblance of life after being molded from clay!

Prove it. Alexander, anyone can make stuff up. I want you to show me screen captures of the Smurfs in congress with Satan, and casting spells from pentagrams.

Obviously you have seen the Smurfs and have seen these images somewhere. So let's see them.

You see, you come out spouting utter nonsense and can't back any of it up (especially when it comes to pop culture). So put up or shut up - let's see some evidence.

Furthermore, let's see if Yahoo has the guts to restore your answer? Chum, they've already laughed at you and forgotten your stupid comment.

I must admit, your comment sounds like something a listener of DV would have posted.

Lastly, how sick and twisted are you to think that fan fiction automatically means something perverted? When I was a kid I wrote stories about Spiderman. Were they perverted? By your definition, probably. You'd take the word squirt, web, and costume and run to the conclusion I was writing a bizarre S&M story.

You are such an moron....