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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Logic and Reason Don't Work, So The Gloves Are Off

You people have no idea how PISSED OFF I was last night after reading the latest from Alexander. If you haven't checked out the insane post from Mr. Expert, then click here.

In most of my replies to Alexander's pitiful blog posts, I have tried to be calm, reasonable and rational. It doesn't work. Nothing does. I have tried to engage Alexander into debate, but he replies sporadically and shows no interest in debating his point of view - likely because he either isn't confident in it, or he changes his mind about his point of view but won't admit it.

Alexander, I know you are reading this - you are no better than a cyber terrorist. You post inflammatory shite, then hide behind excuses that you are too busy to reply to comments made on your blog. You are a fraud. You are an uncaring son of a whore who only wishes to piss people off. You are no different than a suicide bomber. Actually, you're worse. At least the suicide bomber inflicts pain once - you incite chaos over and over again.

If you are too busy to reply to the comments on your blog, then you should disable the comments altogether, or not post anything at all, you fucking loser. And before you mutter something about my flowery speech, I should point out that calling you a son of a whore or a fucking loser is only a cruder form of your favourite term - moron. So kiss my ass.

So, this blog will take a new direction. EVERYTIME I hear BULLSHIT spouted by any religious right nutjob cocksucker like Alexander, I am going to take it out on you, Cornswalled. No more flowery speech. No more attempt at entering into debate with you. Gloves are off.

If you can spout bullshit online and call it ice cream, then I can make up anything I want about you and your ilk and call it fact.

In the meantime, have a nice deluded day, you mysoginistic fuckwad.