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Monday, June 18, 2012

Alexander Cornswalled Is Dead

Can I get a hallelujah?

The nut job is dead. His god decided he'd had enough of Alexander's nut case ramblings. He sent someone in their car to hit Alexander on February 21, 2012. Rather than a merciful death, god decided to keep Alexander in a coma for a few months before finally cutting the cord on May 22, 2012. Our god is merciful and righteous, isn't he?

Alexander's "brother", Peter, is now championing the cause of insanity through religion with his own brand of stereotypical right wing fundamentalist christianity. You can waste some time here at:


I am looking forward to more of the same from Peter. He's gotten off on the right foot, supporting Creflo Dollar and his abuse of his children. Sweet!

Anyway, we all know Alexander was a fraud. He was the pathetic creation of some sad and pathetic little troll who lived in his mom's basement. Now that this "comedian" has decided to keep the Cornswalled character alive with Peter Cornswalled, I dropped him a line on his blog. I suggested this new "Peter" character should be even more over the top than his Alexander creation.

Of course, I am only speculating that Alexander was someone's creation. No one that clueless, naive and pathetic could be anything but a created figure. If Alexander was a real person, then he was certainly nothing more than a sad little dishonourable man, filled with anger, likely a closeted homosexual with daddy issues. A man who wasted his life in pursuit of his own brand of religion. An existence wasted in turmoil, only to have it cut short by a hit and run driver. The world will not miss him as the world didn't even know he was there.

Given Alexander's want for internet drive by's, one can only marvel at the irony in him being struck down by a hit and run driver.

Folks - there is no christian god.

However, if there was a god, given the circumstances of Alexander's death, one can only assume the true god is Ishvara, the Hindu god who metes out karma.

Though I knew of Alexander's death awhile ago, I did not properly celebrate. Tonight I will light a candle as I listen to the most famous Sextastic Tuesday story of all time, courtesy of the Distorted View show; The Cheerios Monster.

Shout out to Timmy Boo Henson!

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